A 2 year old boy with Acute Otitis Media – Case Presentation

A 2 year old boy with Acute Otitis Media – Case Presentation

Nilanjana Basu, Lecturer, Homoeopathic Physician, 1, Sameer Rana E.N.T. Specialist, Professor,1

1Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, Greater Noida

Master Param is a 2 years old baby came to the E.N.T. clinic on 28.8.09 with recurrent nasal symptom of cold, stuffiness and rhinorrhoea since 11/2months. His mother complained 2 weeks back of an episode of left earache followed by discharge which was profuse and mucoid. Pain was severe at the middle of the night due to which he couldn’t sleep. History of hearing loss was not forthcoming. For the above complaints antibiotic and decongestant treatment was given by a local practitioner for 10days. At the time of case taking patient only had nasal complaints and itching in the left ear.

Examination of Head and Neck:

EAR: Bilaterally pinna normal, excoriation of the skin and external canal on left side. External canal of Right side was normal. Left tympanic membrane congested with a small central perforation. Right tympanic membrane appeared normal. Patient did not respond to Tuning fork test. Facial nerve was normal bilaterally and there was no nystagmus.

NOSE: Bilaterally muco-purulent discharge with pallor and oedema of turbinates.


The patient was irritable, restless, had itching in left ear at night. The rubrics selected likewise were from Kent Repertory.

Mind, restless, nervousness, night

Mind, irritability

Ear, itching in, left

Generalities, night

All the rubrics covered Rhustox, which was prescribed in 0/1 potency thrice a day. After 7 days the baby’s nasal discharge decreased, irritability, restlessness and itching in ear were relieved. The medicine was continued for another 15 days. Rhustox 0/2 was prescribed on 20.10.09. The ear was dry but the perforation persisted. The same medicine was continued for 7 more days. On 10.11.09 the ear was examined with an otoscope which revealed that the perforation was healed.

Discussion: The importance of healing this perforation is utmost as the recurrent attacks of cough and cold complicates the perforation and it becomes chronic otitis media with hearing loss and discharging ear. This age also coincide with the development of speech. If the patient cannot hear there will be improper development of speech. Rhustox was given on account of the restlessness of the baby at night which was very marked. Fifty millesimal potency was prescribed as we required frequent repetition of the medicines in ever increasing dose.