About Heilkunst Homeopathic Clinic

Heilkunst homeopathic clinic is a completely dedicated service towards homeopathy. This clinic comes with the aim of developing the best treatment standards in homeopathic practice and spreading it to as many people in the world as possible. HHC believes in making the superlative homeopathic treatment available to all its patients at affordable cost. The advantage of homeopathic medicine which makes it at par with other system is in its holistic approach in treatment of all each and every disease.

We at HHC offers an individualized super specialty homeopathic treatment for hypertension, diabetes, hair complaints, female complaints, menstrual disorders, skin pigmentations and eruptions, skin infections, gastric disorders, acidity, respiratory troubles, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies of all kinds, worm infestations, pediatric problems, pains of all kind, arthritis, backache, compulsive disorders, psychiatric conditions, parkinsonism, insomnia, depression, ENT diseases and much more.

Know About Dr. Rashid Akhtar

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HHC believes in making strong Patient – Doctor Relationship which is the first and foremost step before beginning of any kind of treatment. Keeping this in mind, we spend a great deal of time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours during an initial consultation with the patient so as to understand the patient as a whole. Along with the detailed case records, photographs of patients are taken and kept for future reference. Patients under critical care and under any form of duress are prioritized. Also the changing life styles and modern day stresses have their own impact on the health of each patient.

Therefore a great emphasis is laid upon understanding the life-style of the patient while taking the history so as to know the roots and origin of the disease. The medicine is selected using the standard protocols of classical homeopathy. The latest dispensing methods like liquid solutions of centesimal scale and LM potencies are preferred for most patients, as his experience shows that they give better results than conventional dry pills. We make an attempt to help as many people, as humanly as possible, every day.

HHC makes use of modern-day technologies to bring homeopathy to the reach of millions of people worldwide. HHC has started its own online consultation portal which aims at bringing the treatment available to patients situated in any corner of the world. One can consult, discuss and avail treatment while sitting at any part of the globe. So no matter where are you in the world, you can always opt for online consultation and get your medicine at your doorstep.