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About Heilkunst Homeopathic Clinic

A rational homeopathic care centre founded by Dr. Rashid Akhtar and Dr. Nilanjana Basu. Heilkunst Homeopathic Centre is the new trendsetter in Homeopathy. With the sole aim of Patient”s welfare with a Holistic approach, HHC has achieved high rates of cure in a short time from its inception. The clinic has built a reputation for effective, evidence based practices with patients and illnesses that are complicated, difficult and in many cases life threatening.

We at HHC offers an individualized super specialty homeopathic treatment for hypertension, diabetes, hair complaints, female complaints, menstrual disorders, skin pigmentations and eruptions, skin infections, gastric disorders, acidity, respiratory troubles, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies of all kinds, worm infestations, paediatric problems, pains of all kind, arthritis, backache, obsessive compulsive disorders, psychiatric conditions, parkinsonism, insomnia, depression, ENT diseases and much more.

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